Cycling is a huge part of our family life.  My husband is a mountain biker.  Both kids ride their bikes to school (although often they prefer the thrills of scooting instead).  I have a huge orange Yuba Mundo cargo bike (called ‘Rocket’) which I use to get around.  I really only use the car for the big fortnightly grocery shop and to get my Mum to appointments.  Sometimes I use the car to get the kids to their activities, especially the further afield ones; mostly they are passengers on ‘Rocket’ or riding alongside me.  We consider ourselves a cycling family, and I’m known locally as the ‘Cycling Mum’.

I want other families to discover the joy of cycling.  I want other kids to grow up having experienced the adventure of cycle touring and/or the practicality of getting around by bike.  I want our kids to feel safe and confident getting themselves around by bike so they grow up knowing alternatives to car travel.  I want to inspire and inform so that you too can make your own cycling journey and discover these joys for yourself.

For more about cyclingwithkids.co.nz, or about me, the cycling mum, check out these links:

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7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Nice campaign to get kids cycling on footpaths Jo. Unfortunately, NZ POST has been rolling out a fleet of up to 500 electric vehicles to be driven on Footpaths throughout the country to deliver mail and parcels. (google NZ POST PAXSTERS, (Invercargill, North Shore)). These vehicles (mostly “Paxsters”) are big, wide, heavy (around 400kg) and fast – allowed to drive 20km/hr on footpaths. They are as wide as many footpaths, and too wide for some in Wellington suburbs. Councils are allowing NZ POST to use these vehicles on our footpaths. They have been operating up in Auckland since last year, and more recently down in Invercargill. They are coming to the Wellington area in the next couple of months. While the debate between footpath usage for young cyclist vs elderly folk was being had, NZ POST continues to push these machines out – driving right down the middle of the young and old. Motorbike posties from DX and NZ POST have been riding more and more on footpaths in the last year or so – so now there will be kids and parents on bikes, elderly, all those in-between, all having to now avoid motorbikes, and 4-wheeled electric vehicles which will take the whole footpath.
    Good luck – but footpath safety may be MUCH tougher now. Why are Council allowing this – think also about the wear and tear on the footpaths, and berms.


      1. Speaking with a postie up in Auckland, and a courier friend in Wellington, this “progress – the FUTURE”. Posties will have to ride these machines if they still want a job. I would have thought the PUBLIC (Footpath users & Rate-payers) should be CONSULTED by each COUNCIL about this, since it’s US this will affect- especially from the pint of view of PUBLIC SAFETY! Not a peep! It seems there are behind-the-doors handshake deals going on, with the PUBLIC about to come off 2nd-best!


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