Dear Diaries for Kids

On a cycling holiday kids love the chance to record their own memories of the trip.  For the very young, this could mean drawing pictures.  Older children can write about their experience.  Others will want to stick in pictures, tickets, postcards and other mementos.  Recording their daily distances will give them a great sense of accomplishment and pride.

For younger kids we pre-printed diaries for them based on the following template.

touring journal for little kids

Older kids can take a notebook and make their own record.

You can make this educational if you like:

  • Writing focus including spelling and using descriptive language
  • Maths: adding distances to make a cumulative total for the trip
  • Geography: observing and recording features of the landscape
  • History / Inquiry: reading signs along the way and recording key details
  • Science: observations and experiences of hills, wind, surface (physics)

Personally, we just leave it up to them – we are on holiday!

Here are pictures by a five year old recording his experiences on the Otago Central RailTrail.  For him it’s all about war wounds and weather.

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