Forget Strava

If you don’t know what Strava is then head over to the archives and check out another post.  If however, you use Strava or another performance tracking tool, then read on my friend.  If you subscribe to the motto: “If it’s not on Strava then it doesn’t count” then commit this post to heart.

Firstly, let’s be clear, I’m not bagging Strava here.  I love Strava, it’s an awesomely useful app for training and sport.  I use and recommend it ….. but not for when you are out with your kids.  Why?  It’s all about focus and mindset.  Let me break that down:

Riding with Kids Riding with grown-ups (or on your own)
Focus: Fun, participation, parenting.

It’s about the journey not the destination.  It’s about how we ride together, not how fast we get there.  It’s about the memories we are making and the moments we are sharing.

Focus: Performance, achievement, results.

It’s about improving our own riding, winning the race, getting fitter and faster.  It can be about riding better than others or beating our own records.  It’s all about us really.

Do whatever you need to do to ensure you have shifted gears and have the right focus and mindset when you are riding with your kids.  For me, the following help me remember that riding with kids is a different game:

  • Not tracking the ride, e.g. Strava, SportsTracker
  • Not wearing lycra
  • Not using cleats
  • Riding a fun bike rather than a racing/sporty one (for those of us lucky enough to have a choice!)
  • Letting them set the pace.

So for you diehard Strava users out there perhaps the motto when cycling with kids is that “If it IS in Strava then it doesn’t count”?  What do you think?


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