Make it okay

Did you know that in New Zealand it is NOT LEGAL for kids to cycle on the footpath?

That means letting your kids ride on the footpath is encouraging them to break the law.  The alternatives are worse: restricting their bike use (so much for active lifestyles!) or letting them ride on the road (yeah, right!).

In Australia it is legal for kids to ride on the footpath.  In fact in Queensland, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory it is legal for adults to ride a bicycle on the footpath too.  When I moved back from Australia I was astounded by the New Zealand law which prohibits cycling on the footpath or adjacent berm with two exceptions:

You are only allowed to cycle on the footpath if you are:

  • delivering newspapers or mail, or
  • you are riding a small wheeled recreational device that has a wheel diameter of less than 355 millimetres (typically tricycles or small children’s bicycles).

A standard mountain bike tyre is 660 mm (26”), with children’s bike tyres ranging 406 mm – 660 mm (16” – 26”). That means all except the tiniest of bikes are required to be ridden on the road.  Sadly the days of kids delivering newspapers by bike seem to be long gone.  And it’s time for this restriction to be long gone too!  See Why Legalise Footpath Cycling?

On Tuesday 3rd May 2016 my request for a law change will be presented to parliament by MP Trevor Mallard.  I will post updates here as well as the Facebook page:


Please show your support and follow the progress as we ‘make it okay’ for kids to ride on the footpath without breaking the law.

More information on this site:

Footpath Use


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