Let there be Light: Bike Lights

A good set of lights will have you happily cycling all year round!  Lights vary from tiny little LEDs to powerful rechargeable systems for nighttime off-road riding.  You can even get rear lights with in-built cameras.  In my house the general approach to lights is that more are better!  We prefer a mixture:

  • Little battery powered lights, front and rear, kept on the bike at all times. We use ones that attach via built-in elastic bands
  • Powerful front lights when it is dark or gloomy, with long lasting rechargeable battery packs, enabling us to see as well as be seen.

Remember: White lights to the front.  Red to the rear.  Go for powerful lights but try not to blind anyone!

NZ Consumer (www.consumer.org.nz) have tested bike lights and can recommend some good ones.  Greater Wellington Regional Council also offer some great advice at http://www.gw.govt.nz/be-safe-be-seen/

We found adding lights to kiddie trailers to be a bit tricky and ended up using a LED lit reflective chest strap, designed for runners, attached to the rear handle of the trailer.

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