Three reasons to cycle with kids

Okay, so who needs a reason beyond that it is fun?  In case you do, here are some thoughts on a couple of the other benefits of cycling and a reminder that, most of all, it is fun!


We want our kids to be healthy and active. We want less congestion and pollution. Cycling is a great way to introduce your kids to healthy activity and healthy options for getting around. Habits established when we are children last a lifetime.

The stats about kids health and activity levels make sobering reading. In NZ, kids are only cycling an average 6-9 minutes a week. Let’s find ways to change that: Let’s get out there riding with our kids!

Family Time

Sometimes my husband and I wonder if we are dragging our kids into our interests. But if you judge your time spent with your kids by the memories you are making, then our cycling trips come out tops. Our last cycling holiday was at our kids request, as will be our next one

“let’s have a family cycling adventure like this every year”.

They love the time together without the distractions of daily life, obligations and devices. They love the sense of adventure. They enjoy the shared challenges and experiences. We are making great memories.


What is it about riding a bike that puts a smile on your face?

I saved the best for last, because cycling is FUN.  There is something about the breeze in your face, the power in your legs, the sense of freedom. Everyone can remember their first bike and the thrill and accomplishment of learning to ride it. Bikes are fun, simple as that.

Why do you cycle with your kids?

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