Sunday Rides

Before the oil shocks of the ’70’s, (when there was no weekend shopping, and only one or two channels on TV).  Many a family would head out for a ‘Sunday Drive’.  With no particular destination in mind the kids would be jam-packed into the back (what seatbelts?) and Mum and Dad in the front.  If you were unlucky your parents would bicker the whole way, and one of the kids would get car sick.  If you were really unlucky the kids would bicker the whole way until the car screeched to a halt and they were told to ‘get out and walk’.  Ah yes, those were the days….

I’m glad to say there is a much more pleasant modern alternative.  The Sunday Ride.  With no particular destination in mind, you can grab your bikes and head out for a wee tiki tour. You can meander around your neighbourhood, explore somewhere new, or make use of a nearby bike path or trail.   You can spot fairies, count dogs or admire gardens.

Apart from ensuring your brakes work and your helmet is on your head, no special preparations are needed.  It doesn’t cost money, it get’s us out of the house, away from our devices, and into our neighbourhoods.  It provides an opportunity to ‘bump into’ friends (not literally I hope) and have a friendly chat with the neighbours.

It’s not about where you go, it’s just about how you go, and being.  It is gloriously simple, and simply fun.   Enjoy your Sunday ride, and perhaps tell us about it in a comment?

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