Where do you ride – Finding a place to ride

Looking for a place for your kids to ride their bikes? Here are some ideas of where to find some great places to ride.


Too good not to share – A Family Biking Guide

Covering everything from Cycling whilst Pregnant through Biking with babies, toddlers, teaching your child to ride and cycling to school, this great guide from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is a great resource to have in your bookmarks.  It was too good a find not to share! http://www.sfbike.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/SF-Bicycle-Coalition-FamilyBikingGuide.pdf

10 Reasons to bike with your kids

Do you need a bit of motivation, or some well reasoned selling points up your sleeve? Here are my top 10 answers to the question of “Why cycle with kids?

Spring into spring

Despite the cold blast of recent days, there are plenty of signs that Spring is here. The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up, buds are on the trees and the blue sky beacons me to head outside.  Has winter had you off your bike, enjoying some hibernation? If so your bike (and… Continue reading Spring into spring