Xmas gift ideas for biking kids

Recently I was asked for three suggestions for Christmas gift ideas for biking kids.  But how to stop at three!  Here are some ideas for all budgets (including no-budget) that will put a smile on the face of all kind of biking kids (and the not so young).

Stocking Stuffers

Bikes are fun.  And bikes with bits are even more fun.  Bits that make noise or have buttons to push – like a bike bell or hooter: Starting at $10 from bike barn.  For the bell connoisseur try ‘knog oi’ bell $38 from bicycle junction.  Kids can personalise their helmet with ’narly noggin’ helmet accessories $12 from the warehouse.  

Or, if bling your thing, then pimp their ride with steamers $7 from the warehouse,  and spokey dokes from the $2 shop.  A drink bottle cage ($5 -$20 from the warehouse) will help them keep cool and look just like Mum & Dad.

Mid Range

Being able to carry your favourite things around with you is made easy with  kids baskets and doll carriers for $25 from Cycle Science.  Helmets don’t need to be boring, what about a fancy helmet that expresses their personality – evolution cycles have a great range, starting at $25 and Mocka have the cool ’nutcase’ helmets, starting at $100.   Speedy kids love bike computers – being able to see their speed and distance, starting at $30 from Torpedo7.  Sporty kids will appreciate some extra comfort and protection from bike gloves $19.99 from bike barn; or a pair of kids padded bike shorts ($69) from Ground Effect.  

More $$ to spend?

Better than fun. That’s what kids say about bikes and no amount of fairy lights can light up Xmas like the look on a child’s face when they receive their very own bike. For tips on choosing check out www.cyclingwithkids.co.nz’s guide to shopping for a kids bike.  Take time to get the size right, and make sure it is safely assembled by professionals.

Little kids will get great mileage out of a clever kiwi designed bike from Wishbone (from $275), which grows with your child adapting from trike to balance bike.

If they are a bit older, they’ll get a thrill out of moving to two wheels or a bike with gears, prices for geared bikes start at $299 from Avanti Plus; single speed bikes (for younger kids) start at $99

And for something completely different – how about a unicycle, priced from $99 at Cycle Inn.  Now there’s a fun way to get to school!

Money tight?

Give the gift of your time and experience: a bike adventure, some lessons, some bike maintenance.  They won’t cost you because they are priceless!

Pay it forward

If new bikes are on the list for your family this Christmas, then you’ll be pondering what to do with the old ones.  Please consider donating them: in many areas of New Zealand there are programs for recycling bicycles for refugee families.  Other organisations fix up old bikes as part of a work training program and gift them to communities in need.  Or you can simply pass it onto a family member or friend, and share the love of biking with those close to you.

When we give a bike we are giving an opportunity for fun, freedom and mobility.

Please note that although brands and retailers are mentioned, Cycling with kids has no links to any particular brand or retailer, hence we’ve represented a wide range of options, supporting NZ business where possible.  For more info how I roll with this blog please see: About cycling with kids blog


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