Bikes on the Footpath?

This is your chance to have your say:

Should kids be able to ride bikes on the footpath?

Who else?

What should the rules and safeguards look like?

The Accessible Streets package is open for consultation.  That means a range of rule changes are proposed and the NZTA/Government want to hear what you think of them.  The proposals include a change to rules to allow bikes to be ridden on the footpath.

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Tuesday 21 April 2020.

Have your say:

It is important to have your say, and it is easy, with a range of options to choose from:

Short on time: complete the survey

Want to say more: fill in the form which can be found in the consultation document.

Want to say even more: submit in your own format per the guidelines below.

Things to think about:

  • This affects kids, help them have their say.  They can even submit a video (see options below)
  • During the Covid-19 lockdown period we have all learned about physical distancing and been pretty good at giving other people space on our footpaths and streets.  This shows it can be done, and safe sharing is indeed possible.
  • During Lockdown we have also seen just how many families with children will bike when they have the opportunity to do it safely.  We want slower speeds, less traffic and safe separated places to cycle.  Until there is more of that, let kids bike on the footpath with their caregivers.
  • You will be asked your opinion on a range of options.  If you only want kids (and not others) on the footpath then say so.  If you disagree with the speed suggestions, suggest an alternative.
  • This is a difficult time for so many people at the moment, so this might not feel like a priority.  Perhaps see it as a quick way of contributing to a better future for everybody.  It really doesn’t take long.

More Information and Resources:

The Cycling Action Network have written a submission guide.

Here’s a link to the NZTA information on the Accessible Streets Package.

Information on this website relating to the original campaign for a rule change.

How to make a submission

This is an extract from the Accessible Streets Package:

Making a submission

We want to hear what you think.

We have provided a series of questions throughout this document that seek your views. This will help us understand the impact that the proposed changes could have. These are outlined throughout this document, and in the online survey.

The questions are intended as a guide, and you do not have to answer them all. You may choose to answer only those that interest or impact you. Or, you can simply tell us what you think about the proposal in your own words.

You can make a submission in the following ways:
1. Fill in the online survey:


2. Fill in the submission form, which contains the range of questions.


3. Write us a letter, email or make a video telling us what you think. Please include the following information in your submission:

    • the title – Accessible Streets Regulatory Package 2020
    • your name,
    • your job title and organisation’s name if applicable
    • your organisation’s name if applicable
    • your address or email address.
    1. a)  Send your submission to us by email to
    2. b)  You can post us your submission to:

      Accessible Streets Regulatory Package 2020 Transport System Policy Team
      Free Post 65090
      Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

      National Office Private Bag 6995 Wellington 6141

Please note the deadline for submissions
The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Tuesday 21 April 2020.

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