Bikes on the Footpath?

This is your chance to have your say: Should kids be able to ride bikes on the footpath? Who else? What should the rules and safeguards look like? The Accessible Streets package is open for consultation.  That means a range of rule changes are proposed and the NZTA/Government want to hear what you think of … Continue reading Bikes on the Footpath?

Even More Ways to Cycle with Kids

So you’ve got the cycling bug! What now? Do want to meet other families who cycle? Perhaps you would like to help make riding a bike safer and more accessible? Or are you keen to pursue cycling as a family or individual sport? This post will help you find ways to have a go, join up, get involved or get sporty.

Planning your Family Cycling Adventure

When you are ready for a multi-day adventure then half the fun is in the planning - where to go, how to organise it, how far you can go in one day when biking with kids, and how to handle the logistics like transport and accomodation.