More Tips for a Successful Family Cycling Adventure

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Packing and planning for your family biking adventure

Are you ready for an adventure? If it is time to head off on a longer ride check out our guide to how to prepare and what to take.

Choosing Kids Bikes – what you need to know

Choosing Kids Bikes Cycling with Kids

There is something so exciting about buying your child their first bike. It evokes all kinds of memories from our own childhoods. For a child the gift of a bike is almost magical. Their first two wheeler represents another of childhood’s hurdles to be conquered and a link in the chain that brings them closer to that far-off world adults inhabit. Whether you are stripping rust off a junk shop find, or unveiling a sparkling new marvel from the bike shop, you will love the look on your child's face when they encounter a bike that is all theirs. So how do you go about making such magic happen?