Family Cycling Gear Guide

There is a lot of bike gear available like Panniers, bike racks, cargo trailers, water packs, cycle clothing, tools, helmets, bells, lights, racks, pumps and how to store your bike. What are they and how are they useful?


Bikes for Mum and Dad

Parents need bikes too - else how else will you keep up with the kids! There are a number of styles to choose from and it's important to get the right style, size and fit for your body.

Awesome reasons for families to ride bikes

Cycling with kids in New Zealand

Even for experienced riders, cycling with kids will be a new challenge. You’ll need new knowledge, skills, gear and, most importantly, attitude. This blog will help if you are uncertain and need convincing, help with motivation, or a compelling case to make to your partner. Read on to discover how riding a bike can benefit your health, your family and your community and what kids think about it. And the key benefit and reason to cycle? …...because it’s FUN!