Petition to Parliament

Having met with Trevor Mallard to discus this issue, he will be tabling the following petition in parliament on May 3rd, 2016.  Then it will go to a select committee who will ask for submissions.

Here is an excerpt from the petition.

[I respectfully request]

That the House recommend a change to the New Zealand Road Rules to allow cycling on the footpath by children under 14 years of age (and accompanying adults), seniors over the age of 65, and vulnerable users (such as those with mental or physical disabilities); make bells mandatory for any bicycle used on footpaths or shared use paths; and allow local authorities to exclude, on a reasonable basis, certain areas of footpath from being used for cycling.

A petition to parliament only needs one signature, as it is a request for parliament to look into an issue.

My submission to the select committee can be found here.

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