A new petition has been created on in response to public demand.

The newly created public petition follows Jo Clendon’s request to parliament last week to change the law to allow cycling on the footpath.

The petition and subsequent media coverage have drawn a lot of attention to the issue.  Most parents are admitting that they just break the law.  And a few others are surprised because they did not even know it was illegal for kids to ride on the footpath.  There is overwhelming support for change and people want to know how they can easily make their support known.

“People are coming up to me on the street, at school and the shops, as well as commenting  online and requesting something they can sign to show their support.  Although the parliamentary petition has already been tabled, it is important to show our politicians just how important this is to New Zealanders, especially parents.  That is why I’ve started the online petition at so everyone can have their say.”

The next step in the official process will be submissions to the select committee.  Not every family have time to write a submission, so signing the petition at is an easy way for them to show that this is a change that needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Watch the video at:

Sign the petition at